Friday, February 1, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Khyung The Stone Age Astronaut

by Dr. Derek Cunningham,
Clan Cunningham Historian

If you love a great mystery like I do, then your collection is not complete without this work! Especially if you have an open and inquisitive mind.

Do you have a proclivity for adventure? Do you enjoy travel, exploration, and the sciences? Then indulge yourself with the amazing research of Dr. Derek Cunningham in this fascinating book which not only reveals, but also ties together the cutting-edge technologies, as well as the historically significant locations of the ancient world.

Having visited some of the ancient wonders of the world myself... like the Greek Island of Santorini where one theory has it as the lost island of Atlantis, like the megalithic standing stone alignments, dolmens, and menhirs of France and Great Britain, and like having visited the Château Royal d'Amboise of French King François 1st who gifted his nearby Château de Clos-Lucé to Leonardo da Vinci (where this renaissance man of singular genius lived and worked from 1516 until his death on May 2, 1519) asking nothing in return but the pleasure of listening to Leonardo converse ...this book struck a special chord with me!

Astronomy was the equivalent of the 21st century GPS for the ancient traveler. Mythology to the ancients in all its globally disparate forms was tantamount to our modern history and cultural anthropology. Dr. Cunningham has investigated the diverse clues that remain from ancient civilizations, and through the application of the scientific method proposes an iconoclastic solution to one of the most intriguing, but least understood mysteries of our species; the origins of human civilization-- and conveys it in a delightfully entertaining manner!

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Reviewed by Clan Cunningham Chairman, Larry Augsbury

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