Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clan Cunningham Poetry Contest
During a telephone conversation between my father, Jim, and I while making our plans to ski together in kilts on Tartan Day, we found the topic to have somehow wound its way to the poetry of Robert Burns. Probably from my quoting of the immortal line “The best laid schemes o’ mice and men” from his poem To a Mouse. In any case, that then reminded us of a book of children’s poems my Grandmother once had published. So, then I queried whether Jim had any interest in poetry himself. Or more to the point, whether he had any interest or talent in writing poems. I tried to entice him to give it a try by offering to publish it, if it had a Scottish or Cunningham theme. He called back later that evening and read to me, not one, but two poems he had composed that day. And true to my word, follows the works of James Augsbury:
Ode to a Vole
In days gone by
when mowing fields,
my eyes enjoyed
what nature yields.

A scavenging rodent
runs in fear,
its life to save
for one more year.

This desperate run
by simple reason,
to survive another
mowing season.

Vole to the man:
“My life you’d end?
I’ll offer this,
just be my friend.”

So to the vole
from this ole bard:
“Relax, enjoy
my unmown yard.”
Hold Your Breath
Tartan Day Kilted Ski Runs
Its Tartan Day
and time for fun,
to carve some
kilted ski runs.

The idea came
from the High Commish,
to make some turns
with Scottish swish.

Invites go out
for all to try.
It dawns on me…
and why not I!

Surprised, Lorc says,
“your kilt I have,
saltire boxers,
and lots of salve.”

The plans are made,
the flights are booked.
So now we’ll see,
whose goose gets cooked.

With hills and spills
and kilts a flyin’,
we’ll make it down
or die a tryin’.

But as for now
we’ll wait and see,
who’ll fair, and how,
my son and me!
Poems with a Celtic or Cunningham theme submitted by current CCSA members to by August 31, 2009 will have a chance to win a free membership for 2010. The winner will be chosen by a volunteer Acquisitions Editor at an academic book publishing firm, and will be announced – with the winning poem published – in the October 2009 issue of the international Clan Cunningham Communiqué quarterly newsletter. Theme and originality will be important criteria used by the judge. Join at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tha na Coiningeanaich an seo

The Cunninghams are here

Well, the Clan Cunningham Society of America (CCSA) has finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon; and we want to hear from you! There is always a great deal going on within our international Cunningham society, and even though our focus is on our Celtic roots (thus the Gaelic Cunningham battle cry above), we are very much involved in weaving the past within the present, and planning activities for the future in celebration of our distinguished heritage.

Larry and Jim in their Scottish ski gear.As an example, on April 4, 2009, in honor of Tartan Day, our High Commish, Larry Augsbury, and his father, Jim, sported their Scottish ski attire and hit the slopes at Loveland ski resort in the Colorado Rockies. Our society also attended the 2009 US National Curling Championships/2010 US Olympic Curling Trials in Broomfield, Colorado last February.

Are you of Cunningham lineage and would like to connect with your roots? Would you like to learn more about Clan Cunningham history, or about your genealogy? Do you have a Scottish-Irish-Celtic story you'd like to share with us? If so, we regularly post information on our web sites at and (since Yahoo Geocities closed in October 2009, please visit), Clan Cunningham Global, as well as in our quarterly full-color newsletter, the Clan Cunningham Communiqué, which is distributed to our current members around the world every three months.

Or, if you wish to share your opinion on some Clan Cunningham matter, or have an idea to propose--- this is the place.

Ever Yours in Clan Cunningham service,

Larry Augsbury, High Commissioner
Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc.