Saturday, December 15, 2012


This book published in November 2012, is a masterful achievement in historical fiction that flows not unlike a Scottish burn, with all the undercurrents, subtleties, and smoothness of the finest single malt scotch. And like a wee dram of Laphroig 15 - which the connoisseur does not merely drink, but rather savors as an experience - so is one captivated by the storytelling and intrigue of this novel.

This story is expertly woven through just one pleat's worth of tartan fabric if the Cunningham-Montgomery feud were equivalent to a full nine yard kilt; the plot commencing with one of the most momentous events of the feud's duration… which was carried out as another one of the feud’s self-perpetuating reprisals.

The Clan Cunningham of today is resigned, in the Clan Cunningham of auld's role in this novel, to serve as the villain in this microcosm of time for its hands weren’t exactly clean throughout the ordeal. Which does not tarnish an otherwise honourable and esteemed legacy as evidenced over the course of its distinguished history under the leadership of its chiefs, the 15 Earls of Glencairn. One need only peruse the events surrounding the Battle of Sauchieburn in 1488 to understand the passionate motivations of retribution which fueled this bitter rivalry with the great power and wealth surrounding the favour of the Scottish crown at stake!

A worthy addition to any literary collection, especially of the Scottish and Celtic genre.

Bravo, Margaret Skea!

After having had interest rekindled in the events during, and surrounding, the Cunningham-Montgomery feud by the reading of this book and its subsequent review published herein, the April 15, 2013, full-color, Clan Cunningham Communiqué international newsletter will likely feature this feud in a much broader scope. This review on our blog will also be reprinted and published in our January 15, 2013 issue and distributed to our current members with a world-wide membership of presently 994.

In spite of the risk to the scandalous Cunningham reputation that a modicum of magnanimity might do, nevertheless for our readers convenience, a click on the Book Depository link or Amazon link will allow you to purchase this book from either vendor.

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